Our primary mission is to support anti-hunger programs in Grant County, NM by raising funds in our thrift store.

We also support our community by donating gift certificates to families in need via 

  • El Refugio, Inc. Domestic Violence Victim Advocacy in Southwest New Mexico. El Refugio operates Casa Carmel Shelter for battered women and their children. Safety & security are provided along with case management services & education programs. 
  • El Grito Headstart
  • SASS - Silver Regional Sexual Assault Support Services. SASS provides services to survivors of sexual violence in Grant and Hidalgo Counties, New Mexico; medical accompaniment, legal advocacy, individual and group therapy, advocacy, support, and community education.
  • The American Red Cross in Southwestern New Mexico.

We also value recycling efforts. Thrift stores keep tons of items from filling our landfills by finding ways to use or re-purpose these items.  Some of our volunteers up-cycle donations that might otherwise be unsellable..

  • Margaret Hadderman says:
IMG 1616

My approach is to use unwanted, overlooked yarn and fabric, scraps from clothes and sheets to make useful items to wear, carry, and decorate rooms. After years of "gifting" my quilts, pillows, curtains and knitted berets, I needed another outlet - and Single Socks was it. The store's anti-hunger goals motivated me, along with my love for sewing and making somethings out of nothings. The first were a few tote bags from some green-striped corduroy fabric with my own added touches. I have been repeating the process ever since with materials from Single Socks.

Unfortunately, all scraps are NOT created equal, so some morph into purse linings or pillow casings. After three years, my ongoing struggle is discovering how to use scraps creatively and invitingly so that my finished items have appeal and sell FAST at Single Socks. A relationship with [ Border Partners ] allows me to use smaller, odder bits of fleece, flannel, and sheeting to make small receiving blankets and easy comforters for bigger kids.

  • Pat Bouchard is local Silver City fiber artist. She volunteers in our store weekly and she also donates scarves, purses, ands hats that she makes in her own time. We love being able to offer these beautiful items for sale especially for gifts at Christmastime.
  • Kathleen Wigley, after 11 years of managing our fabulous store, now creates fun mobiles, silk flag banners, aprons, and any other thing she can make with our unique collection of leftover items.
  • Minnie Bell Hudson has made 15,236 bibs since 1994 from all kinds of materials. Those bibs are useful to many of us, including seniors and people in care homes. Nothing is left behind - materials, ideas, history, names and family recipes. Minnie draws from her experiences on cattle ranches to author a unique book, Home on the Range: Her Story & Recipes Roundup.
  • Many T-Shirts pass through the doors of Single Socks, some a bit over-used but with parts still worth saving. Kathleen and Denise Ashton began making carry bags from these T-Shirts. The sleeves and necks cut out (but not thrown out) and the bottom sewn closed. A BAG! These bags hold a lot and can be re-used for a long time.

We also donate certain items that are not sellable or that we think might truly be helpful to people in need.

  • Personal hygeine items and small comforts go to women at SPIN.
  • We send “weird” stuff to Jean, the artist at A Space.
  • We send bags and shoes to border refugees via the Unitarian Universalist Church.
  • Clothing in good shape that didn’t sell in our store goes to Kids In need of Supportive Services.

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